Old Ink Content

This is my first blog posts on my new website! I’ve always dreamed about creating a website but it’s honestly just something I’ve never gotten around to. I always felt like it would be something that I wasn’t worthy of yet as an artist, because’ websites are for “professionals’” and that just wasn’t who I thought myself to be.

In the process of throwing this together, I wanted to put all my old ink drawings in a post. I love working with ink but sometimes the lines can be more painstaking than therapeautic. Here are a bunch of old images I found in my hard drive of illustrations I did for a zine project in school. I daydreamed about starting a book series with it one day but alas, it never really came into fruition. I have no idea what the story behind it really was, but I remember being really proud of the results and all of the illustrations. I don’t think I slept for a week.